If Hypocritical Hollywood Wants Trump's Star Gone, They Should Look in the Mirror



The West Hollywood City Council voted to "urge" the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce to remove President Trump's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Monday. Their reason? It's "due to [Trump's] disturbing harassment of women and other actions," the Los Angeles Times reported.

I know I'm not the only one sick of this garbage, but the question remains - should we even care? Should Trump care? The short answer is no.

The Hollywood cult is going to keep doing what they're doing as long as people keep pumping money into a system that prides itself on progressivism and Communism.

It seems pretty hypocritical for Hollywood to claim that Trump's is guilty of "disturbing harassment of women." After all, we wouldn't have even had the #MeToo movement without the serial assaulters in Tinsel Town.

Join me as I discuss the overwhelming hypocrisy of Hollywood's far-Left - which is a large percentage of the town - and whether we should continue to give any of their words any weight anymore.

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Sources: Hollywood Reporter (Trump's Star Vote), Variety, CNN, Hollywood Reporter (Kevin Spacey), Los Angeles Times

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