Humpty Dumpty Has a Great Fall! Brian Stelter & 'Reliable Sources' Done at CNN

Nick Kangadis | August 18, 2022
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I guess Brian Stelter's "sources" weren't so "reliable."

Multiple sources are reporting that his show, "Reliable Sources," has received the axe, and as a result Stelter will be exiting the outlet as well.

After former CNN President and propagandist Jeff Zucker got his walking papers back in February, the whirlwind of upcoming changes at the seldomly-watched news outlet were coming.

Despite knowing that changes were coming, Stelter made his feelings known about the new regime in charge at CNN in a February "Reliable Sources" newsletter, as noted by The Daily Beast.

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"The people who say the Zucker-era CNN was lacking in real journalism clearly were not watching CNN directly," Stelter wrote. "My best guess is that they were watching talking heads and reading columnists complain about CNN. And yes, I'm including John Malone in this."

And now, "Mr. Potato Head" himself will no longer serve as one of the spin doctors at CNN.



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