Huh? Women's College to Accept Men 'Who Identify As Women' But Reject Women 'Who Identify As Men'

Ferlon Webster Jr. | December 27, 2018
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Stephen’s College in Columbia, Missouri, has been added to the list of women-only colleges that have decided to expand their enrollment process to include men who identify as women. But there's a caveat.

The school put out a new policy, stating:

The college’s undergraduate residential women’s program will continue to admit and enroll students who are women and who live as women, just as it always has. It will also admit and enroll students who were not born female, but who identify and live as women.

They went on to add that males who identified as females would have to “provide legal documentation” proving they are legally women or making the transition to “become” female.

The college, which has fully given over to the new leftist definitions of sex and gender, will no longer accept biological women who identify as men, however:

Because the college has expanded its definition of womanhood to include both sex and gender, it is logically consistent that it also acknowledges both sex and gender in its definition of manhood. As a result, the college will stop admitting and enrolling students who were born female but who now identify as men or who are transitioning from female to male.

Well, that’s definitely “discriminatory” to those biological women. I wonder if any woman who is “transitioning” will be able to complete the degree program she started at the school?... Probably not. We know how much these women-only colleges hate "men."

I'm kidding. 

And what about those students who claim they don’t have a gender? How does the school handle that dilemma? Don’t worry, they have an answer for that too:

The College will also continue to admit and enroll students who were born female but who identify as nonbinary, meaning students who experience their gender identity as falling outside the categories of man and woman. The College will no longer admit or enroll students who identify as non-binary but who are transitioning to male.

Confusing? Yes, I know. And these are questions that will be asked during the enrollment process for each potential student?

This whole policy seems like the school is telling a bad joke, but they are absolutely serious. These new leftists definitions of sex and gender continue to warp the minds of those who submit to them. The slope only gets slipperier from here. 

H/T: The Blaze