Huh? Woman Designs 'Chestfeeding' Kit To Combat Gender Inequality, Men Can Now Breastfeed

Ferlon Webster Jr. | February 27, 2019
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Over the years, we have heard countless stories of men feeling left out in the parenting process because they don’t have the ability to breastfeed their children like their wives do. These men have suffered this inequality for so long and have fought and fought to overcome this obstacle seemingly to no avail. Oh wait a second… this story sounds like a bunch of rubbish, doesn’t it? That’s because it obviously is.

The problem is a woman in London, England sure seems to think this is the reality that men are facing.

Marie-Claire Springham appeared on Good Morning Britain earlier this month in a segment titled “Should Men Breastfeed?” to discuss a “chestfeeding kit” she created to narrow the gender inequality gap that men face when it comes to feeding their offspring.  

“I designed this first as an empathy tool, I was looking at post-natal depression and I learned so much,” Springham told the male of host. “Particularly that it occurs in men and the main cause of that is the filling of being left out.”

“It’s sad if a man feels left out ‘cause his wife or his partner is breastfeeding, isn’t it?” the host asked her.

Springham explained that the men don’t necessarily feel left out because of not being able to breastfeed but explained that “infant preference” affects them more, being that the child prefers to be around their mother because of the smell of breast milk.

The “chestfeeding” kit comes with parts that make it easy for a man to nurse. He would receive a pump and compression vest, which would serve as a “maternity bra.”

As reports,

“The kit would offer dads-to-be a supply of the hormone progestin—a man-made form of the female sex hormone progesterone—which they'd begin taking once a day as soon as they learn their partner is expecting. This would stimulate the production of milk-producing glands. And then six weeks before baby arrives, dads would start taking another hormone called domperidone which stimulates prolactin, the hormone that triggers milk production.”

I often ask myself if things can get any weirder? And I’m learning the answer to that question is always “yes.”

“I’ve had a mixed bunch of feedback from this. But it’s an alternative option, and it’s a very practical one,” Springham said.

There was a sane male guest on the Good Morning Britain panel, and I think he spoke for about 99.9% men out there, at least I hope he did. 

“I’ve got 3 kids and this is not an urge I have ever had,” Quentin Wilson told Good Morning Britain. “I don’t think there’s a demand for this, I think it goes against the natural order. The more we blur these distinctions between gender, the more messed up we become.”

I know none of you are looking, but if you do desire to get one of these innovative “chestfeeding” kits, you’re gonna have to wait several years for this “needed” product to become available. Hopefully by that time dudes will realize this is an absolutely unnecessary device that they have no need to invest in. 

H/T: The Blaze