Huh? USA Today Begs For a Star Wars Sex Scene

Patrick Hauf | June 1, 2018
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After "Solo: A Star Wars Story" hit theaters last week, media outlets rushed to publish their take on the movie franchise. And while it's always nice to kick back and talk about the newest movie, this Star Wars idea came way out of left field.

"Sex in 'Star Wars': Here's why it's about time," a USA Today title states.

The article, written by Brian Truitt, details all the love affairs throughout the Star Wars movies, fantasizing how great a new couple would be if only there was a sex scene. 

"To be frank, Star Wars, you’re 41 years old and you need to have sex," Truitt writes.

Really? I grew up on Star Wars. My parents would have never let me watch the movies as kid if there were sex scenes. Are we just going to forget about the kids?

"Obviously Star Wars will always appeal to kids and families, but they’re also PG-13 projects where villains get sliced in half and appendages are chopped or ripped off." Trust continues. "Would some vague movements under the covers be all that out of bounds?"

Why, yes. Yes it would.