Huh? Protesters Project Gay Pride Flag On Robert E. Lee Monument In Virginia

Brittany M. Hughes | June 15, 2020
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If, after watching looters and arsons burglarize and torch random stores while Antifa hippies take over entire city blocks in Seattle, you're still wondering whether the mass protests that have rocked cities across the nation for the past three weeks were really about protecting black lives, here’s another tidbit to add to the massive pile of evidence that they’re actually about a much larger radical left-wing agenda. 

Activists over the weekend projected a rainbow representing gay pride onto a massive statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee, the largest of several monuments to Confederate leaders that stand on Monument Avenue in Richmond, Virginia. The massive statue depicts Lee sitting on a horse atop a 40-foot granite pedestal, much of which has already been defaced with spray paint and signs reading – among other things – “Black Lives Matter,” “Stop White Supremacy,” and, as always, “F*** the police.” 

But while vandalizing and destroying public property isn’t OK, one can understand the association between calls for racial equality being scrawled across a monument to a Confederate general. While it doesn’t justify defacing a historical landmark, there’s at least a linear connection between an anti-racism movement and a statue to a man who once fought, in large part, for states’ rights to continue to implement the legalized slavery of blacks.

One might be able to make that association – if that were what these protests were truly about.

But, given that Robert E. Lee didn't lead a charge against gay rights, they’re clearly not.

Now, lest you assume the display was a one-time occurrence that simply took place in Richmond, think again. Black Lives Matter managed to blur the boundaries of their own movement with yet another rash of protests this weekend – this time in support of black “trans” rights, a protest for the societal inclusion and protection of black Americans who’ve decided to identify as a gender other than the one with which they were born. Thousands showed up in support of that effort, which has little to nothing to do with the original protests against police brutality that were most recently sparked by the death of George Floyd.

If one weren’t careful, one might almost start to believe these protests aren't actually about black lives at all, but rather a push for a leftist agenda spanning much wider than a call for better policing.

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