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Huh? David Hogg Following Synagogue Shooting: 'Go After Sources of Evil, Not Those Perpetrating It'


He’s adult now, so I really don’t feel bad in saying that gun control activist David Hogg has officially entered — The Dumbass Zone!

By now we’ve all heard about the absolutely tragic shooting at the Tree of Life Congregation Synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pa. that happened last Saturday. Well, because the situation included a firearm, MSNBC decided to have Hogg on their “Kasie DC” show on Monday to talk about what needs to be done about the shootings that occur in the U.S.

That’s when Hogg went full dumbass.

Hogg, of course, brought up the midterms as a way to help begin to prevent tragedies like the synagogue shooting. But Hogg thought it was a great idea to put the blame in such shootings on a much different target than you might expect.

“Americans have the chance to go out and save lives and elect politicians that don’t try to divide and conquer but try to unite and conquer the challenges we face as a people, that attack sources of evil and not the people that are perpetrating it,” Hogg said.

Wait — what?! He didn’t really suggest that we shouldn’t put the blame of shootings on the shooter, did he?

Yes. Yes, he did:

Of course, you must have noticed Hogg’s little dig at President Trump. We can’t have one media segment without taking a shot at the most obvious of far-left targets — the president.

“We have to go after the sources of evil, and not those perpetrating it, contrary to what the president likes to do,” Hogg continued.

So, in Hogg’s mind, evil just exists without anyone carrying out or planning an evil act? By definition, isn’t the very source of evil the person who carries out the evil act, or at least someone who plans to carry out an evil act?

It’s all very confusing. But then again, so is pretty much anything that comes out of Hogg’s mouth.

H/T: Daily Wire

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