HUH?? Biden Claims We 'Didn't Have' a COVID Vaccine Before He Took Office

Brittany M. Hughes | February 17, 2021
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On top of blatantly insulting Hispanic and Black Americans as being too dumb to know how to log on to the Internet and figure out where to get a COVID vaccine, President Joe Biden kept on with the baldfaced lies gaffes and blunders during a CNN town hall Tuesday, opening claiming that the COVID vaccine didn’t even exist when he first took office less than one month ago.

“It’s one thing to have the vaccine, which we didn’t have when we came into office, but to have a vaccinator – how do you get the vaccine into someone’s arm?” Biden said, attempting to answer a question over how the federal government is rolling out the COVID vaccine that, in fact, has existed for months.

Hilariously, Biden actually received his second dose of the vaccine on January 11, a full 9 days before taking office.

Of course, CNN's Anderson Cooper, a host on the network that spent four years "fact-checking" Trump to the point of total absurdity, didn't bother correcting Biden's clear factual error.

For those with short memories (or those who refuse to give Trump credit for his clear successes), both the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines, the first two brands to hit the market for widespread use, were developed under the Trump administration as part of his Operation Warp Speed, which cut through red tape and sped up the approval process to develop the vaccines in record time.

After coming into office shortly after the vaccines were cleared for public dissemination, Biden promised to roll out 100 million doses in his first 100 days, a goal that’s so far fallen woefully short as bungles, mistakes and misinformation have left millions of Americans confused and waiting for their chance at immunization.