Huge Rallies: Aussies Defy Lockdowns, March In Massive Numbers

P. Gardner Goldsmith | August 23, 2021
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The Australian lockdown situation may be reaching a breaking point, and the Aussie people are trying to be heard.

Rising in massive numbers, residents all over the “land down under” Saturday defied byzantine, authoritarian lockdowns and jab-passport edicts to rally for liberty against the central and state governments of Australia.

They were told to stay inside. They were told they could leave their homes only for an hour, only within a five-kilometer radius.

In Sydney and elsewhere, they defied the commands.

Melbourne police fired rubber bullets at them.

They didn’t back down.

They were corralled, and told to go home.

They broke through the police lines.

A high profile organizer of the rallies was sentenced to months in prison.

Still, they marched.

On August 5, Brad Polumbo, of the Foundation for Economic Education, helped reveal the shocking level of Aussie authoritarianism, writing:

Out of a population of 25.8 millionfewer than 1,000 Australians have died from COVID-19 to date. The latest uptick in cases, which has sent the country into a panic, is still only resulting in less than 5 deaths per day. Yet the Australian government has responded with a return to its past harsh pandemic restrictions—and is now even bringing in the military to police its citizens’ lockdown compliance.

Of course, even those death stats are questionable, since one cannot be sure how the patients were diagnosed, if they died due to the viral infection, or if they died withthe viral infection, but due to other causes.

But Polumbo digs deeper, offering:

Melbourne, a major Australian city, just entered its 6th lockdown. (Yes, you read that correctly). It joins many of the nation’s other major metropolises, such as Sydney and Brisbane, in once again restricting its economy and social life. According to the BBC, the lockdown will be in place until at least August 28 and ‘bars people from leaving their home except for essential exercise, shopping, caregiving and other reasons.’

And he adds:

It’s mind-boggling that the Australian government is practically placing its citizens under house arrest and outlawing their incomes over five deaths per day. It’s particularly bizarre given that countless studies have shown the ineffectiveness of stay-at-home orders and lockdown policies.

And Polumbo’s report offers one of the most important factual revelations of the Aussie situation, something that allows people in other nations to seriously question major political narratives. 

Polumbo links to a July 30 Tweet from journalist Jim Roberts, a Tweet Roberts based on a BBC report, and encapsulated:

“Australian military is deployed to enforced #COVID lockdown in Sydney. *Despite 5 weeks of lockdown, virus continues to spread, causing 9 deaths. *Only 17 percent of Australia’s adult population is vaccinated.”

That low percentage of Aussie jabbees is key, showing another major Australian stat in a new light, and offering important info for our own political fight.

According to WSAU, which shows video of the Aussie official admitting the fact, just a week after Jim Roberts’ Tweet and the BBC News story revealing that only 17 percent of Aussies were jabbed, nearly 100 percent of all COVID19 cases in Sydney were comprised of jabbed residents.

This is very important.

In some countries, the shockingly high proportion of cases and hospitalizations among the jabbed has been “explained away” by those who claim that in a nation-state where nearly all people are jabbed, one should expect most cases to be among the jabbed.

Of course, this wordplay puts the lie to the claim that the jabs provide protection against infection. At least on that front, NIH Tony Fauci has been honest and admitted that the jabs don’t stop infection – at best, they’re claimed merely to mitigate symptoms. 

More to the point, this powerfully calls into question the belief that jabs will decrease hospitalizations any more than natural immunological processes.

If a tiny proportion of the Aussie population is jabbed, yet the vast, vast majority of cases needing hospitalization are among the jabbed, there’s a problem with the narrative about jabs protecting people from requiring hospitalization.

As attorney and author Michael P. Senger Tweeted, providing shots of the official stats:

“By June 1, over 99% of Gibraltar's population was fully vaccinated. Since that time, new COVID cases per day have increased more than 2500%.”

And as former New York Times Science writer Alex Berenson Tweeted, also providing the screen shots of the official numbers:

“Pandemic of the unvaccinated lol. Iceland, where nearly the ENTIRE adult population is fully vaccinated, is setting daily records for new infections, mostly among the vaccinated. Hospitalizations are not up yet. It would be stunning if they don't rise soon.”

Yet, even as the facts push against the tyrannical Aussie lockdown mindset, the central and state governments push harder and harder to crush the people’s rights. Anyone who doubts this, or thinks the lockdowns are either moral or effective, please take a moment to watch a remarkable series of spontaneous video conversations with Aussies recently conducted by liberty-minded hip-hop musician and YouTuber An0maly, all of which he has compiled into one stunning YouTube post.

In the chats, An0maly is joined by one Aussie who now faces fines and jail time because he walked on the beach with a friend. This is a man who actually held up the official compliant from the government charging him with being “in public without a reasonable excuse.”

An0maly also spoke to Joel Jammal, a journalist who admits he formerly was a leftist, but has escaped the statist mindset. In July, Jammal caused a stir by defying the government and delivering a blistering public defense of individual rights and now, he has a profound message to send to the Aussie politicians and the United States people:

Australians don’t protest, so if they’re protesting, you really screwed-up.

And to Americans, he offers a gripping plea:

We need you guys… We need you to remember who you are. You guys are the leaders of the free world. It doesn’t matter if Joe Biden’s in the White House at this time, you guys are the leaders of the free world, and everyone is looking to you (…) If you guys don’t find out who you are, if you don’t remember what made America great, we’re all screwed, and this is coming from someone who’s a former leftie. (…) Remember who you guys are, we need you guys. Hang in there. Do NOT comply with these lockdowns.

Over the past twenty-five years, Australian politicians have disarmedlocked-down, and pushed around the people in ways many Americans might not have known.

Indeed, there are so many stories, we could make a whole series about them, but I’ll just offer this final one, the new revelation from The Sydney Morning Herald that a New South Wales council SHOT rescue dogs rather than have the volunteers who wanted to adopt them travel to the center.

Shot them.

It’s not going to end here. Expect more arrests, bizarre charges, and self-serving pronouncements from the government class.

And expect more resistance from the Aussie people, many of whom are at the nadir of their long-dwindling freedom and know that they have little left to lose.


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