HuffPo Pens Photo Blog Showing 'Vulnerable' Men, Internet Explodes

Zach Montanaro | October 7, 2016
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The Huffington Post published one of the weirdest articles ever written and, thankfully, the Internet noticed.

As first pointed out by the Daily Caller, author Priscilla Frank wrote an article titled “Sensual Photos Shatter the Idea That Strong Men Can’t Be Vulnerable” which showed a bunch of pictures of shirtless (one even naked) men striking poses in the woods or by a river or whatever presumably looked artistic to the photographer at the time.

Notice I’ve specifically only screen-capped a picture of the tweet so you aren’t tempted to view the article yourself. Just trust me on this, it isn’t worth it.

Thankfully, the Internet didn’t let the odd article fall to the wayside without some mockery.

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