Howard Dean Screams Again... On Twitter

Zach Montanaro | September 13, 2016
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With the media actually doing their jobs and reporting on Hillary Clinton’s health, it would appear some liberals are finding out what it feels like when the media isn’t constantly praising them, for once. And the latest on the growing list of progressives hilariously shouting “bias” at the media is none other than the most famous shouter of them all: Howard Dean.

Yes, that’s right, Howard Dean is complaining about media bias. No, you are not in an alternate dimension.

This all started on Sept. 12, when Dean tweeted out early in the morning:



Well, we can at least agree on that last part, right?

Although it isn’t exactly clear what Dean had a problem with in regard to NPR’s coverage of Clinton, it’s almost strange to see liberals complaining about media coverage. After all, they’ve been enjoying a free pass from the press for years. But now that the spotlight is on them, for once they almost don’t seem to know how to handle it.

Not to fear, however, as Dean did have a solution to this so-called problem: