How Many 14-Year-Old Girls Have to Be Raped For Us To Take Illegal Immigration Seriously?

Brittany M. Hughes | March 22, 2017
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Last Thursday, a 14-year-old girl at a high school in Montgomery County, Maryland was lured into a bathroom by two Hispanic boys.

When she refused to have sex with them, they forcibly dragged her into a bathroom stall, held her down, and took turns raping and sodomizing her while she screamed.

When they were done, they covered her with a coat, pulled her out into the hallway and told her to stay quiet. She didn’t.

After she reported the incident to a staff member, police were called to the school to investigate her claim. They arrested 17-year-old Jose Montano and 18-year-old Henry Sanchez after finding blood and semen smeared throughout the bathroom stall.

It took about two minutes and a Google search to figure out that Sanchez was in the country illegally. Immigration documents showed he’d come into the United States unlawfully from Guatemala, via Mexico, about eight months ago. He was already the subject of a pending immigration case.

But instead of being detained and removed, he was shipped off to Montgomery County, a D.C. suburb that’s accepted a massive influx of illegal alien kids over the past three or so years. Despite being an adult with lawful claim to being in this country, he was enrolled in a public school, signed up for English language classes, and plopped down in the 9th grade alongside 14-year-old students.

Alongside 14-year-old girls.

Just a few short months after “fleeing violence” in his home country (to quote the most probable and nauseatingly stale liberal line), he and his buddy raped a helpless girl in a bathroom stall.

Then, less than a week later, a leftist Baltimore City councilman trots out on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show, calls all federal immigration officials “Nazis” and hails the awesomeness of sanctuary city policies. And this, to him, seems logical.

Now, we’re not 100 percent sure whether Montano is also here illegally, since immigration won’t release his legal status because he’s a minor (though he’s being tried as an adult with first-degree rape and two counts of first-degree sexual offense). But like Sanchez, Montano reportedly showed up in the country less than a year ago and enrolled in English language classes. He’s also 17 and still in the 9th grade. You do the math.

But we do know that Sanchez was here illegally.

So here’s my very simple, common-sense question to bleeding heart activists who think open borders sounds like a bowl full of peaches, and are still somehow convinced that millions of people being here illegally – with no records, no documented addresses, no background checks, no verification – is just the Best Thing Ever.

How many 14-year-old girls need to be raped on a toilet in a high school bathroom before we decide that’s probably not the smartest idea?

How many young women like Kate Steinle have to be shot in the head in broad daylight in front of their dads before we figure this out?

How many bodies of high school kids do we have to find laying in the street, shot to death or chopped up with machetes, to realize that illegal immigration – even that of minors – might, just might, play a part in violent gang crime? 

How many?

For the Right, the answer should be simple: there have already been too many.

But for the Left, apparently, it’s never enough.