‘How Do You Know I Don’t Identify As Female?’ Portland PD Triggers Lefties During Pat Down

Eric Scheiner | August 11, 2020
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In a moment caught on video, a Portland PD officer makes a quip that triggered rioters.

As the violence and flames caused by Antifa and Marxist Black Lives Matter activists continue night after night in the city, one officer brought a little non-PC levity while making yet another arrest (9 were made at just one violent protest last night alone).

Early Sunday during a pat down of a handcuff female suspect, a woman shooting video yelled at police, “Do you have a female officer present while you're patting her down?" 

One officer replied, “Nope.” 

Another fired back with a quip.

"How do you know that I don't identify as a female?" he said as chuckles broke out among the officers.

The joke wasn’t as well received by the pro-riot crowd,  "Fu**in' smart-ass" and “We hate you” can be heard from some in response.

It seems some rioters like to think they’re tough by striking police with items like ball bearings – but it seems they can’t take a joke.

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