'How Do I Know It's Actually Working?' Kamala Harris Stymied By Soundless Electric Car Plug

Brittany M. Hughes | December 14, 2021
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Oh, oh, it’s magic! 

Actually, it’s electricity. Which, to Vice President Kamala Harris, might as well be magic – considering she was recently stymied by how an electric car is able to charge up without making a sound or emitting a smell.

In a publicity stunt meant to push the Biden administration’s green "Build Back Better" agenda, which encourages Americans struggling under higher gas prices to run out and buy $50,000electric vehicles, Harris performed the arduous task of plugging a battery-powered car into a charging station…then stood back and marveled at how the energy was able to go from the station to the vehicle.

“There’s no sound or fume,” she gaped. “So for all of us who are used to filling our tank, you usually can smell it, or hear it.”

So...how do I know it's actually working?"

The attendant then explained, as if to a four-year-old, that there’s a little light bar at the top of the charging station that tells you the vehicle is, in fact, charging.

You know, kind of like your cell phone. Or your laptop. Or every other electricity-powered device known to man.

But hey! At least there's some good news hidden in the fact that the vice president of the United States can't figure out how a wall plug works: at least AOC can feel better about having been bewildered by a common garbage disposal.



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