How About Tru-deaun't? Canadian Premiers Voice Opposition to PM's Enacting of Emergencies Act

Nick Kangadis | February 15, 2022
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Those participating in the Freedom Convoy, as well as the protesters supporting the cause, aren’t the only ones rebuffing authoritarian Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s invocation of the Emergencies Act to shut down the peaceful protests.

As reported by Rebel News, “multiple Canadian premiers oppose” Trudeau’s power grab as well.

Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe, Manitoba Premier Heather Stefanson, Alberta Premier Jason Kenney and, reportedly, even Quebec Premier Francois Legault all spoke out against Trudeau’s enactment of the never-used Act. However, some of the listed premiers still believe the protests are "illegal" and should be stopped.

“We don’t want it in Quebec territory,” Legault said, according to Rebel News.

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Here are tweets from the other premiers conveying their opposition to Trudeau’s actions:






At least now we know that not all Canadian politicians are complete authoritarians - just a little. Good to know.

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