House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Tests Positive for COVID, Claims She's 'Asymptomatic'

Nick Kangadis | April 7, 2022
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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has contracted COVID-19. Getting COVID is apparently still a big deal for some reason - probably because the powers-that-be dictate it to be so.

Pelosi's "team" account on Twitter announced her diagnosis, with the tweet allegedly coming from Pelosi herself.

Pelosi's diagnosis comes just a day after a huge meeting at the White House where the Speaker was chummy with President - er, former President - Barack Obama and current President Joe Biden, though not many knew Biden was even there.

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Yes, "please get vaccinated and boosted if you haven't already," because it totally prevents transmission and spread of the disease...

Wait, they're not saying that anymore, huh? Okay, well the vaccinations totally prevent more severe symptoms should you contract the Chinese coronavirus - for a few months anyway.

We don't want anyone to ever get sick, but life unfortunately doesn't work that way. Occasionally people get sick with colds and flus. Although, and this is a good thing, Pelosi is "asymptomatic," so there's really no adverse effects for the recently turned 82-year-old.

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