House Passes Bill Empowering Unions At the Expense of American Jobs


The "Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act" was passed in the U.S. House on Tuesday, with the majority of Republicans voting against the bill, while all but one Democrat voted for it. 

As the Daily Caller explains, the Passing the PRO Act prevents workers from holding secret ballot elections to oppose unionization and makes union due payments compulsory for non-members. It would also void right-to-work laws that allow workers to choose whether they want to join labor unions or not. The Act also encroaches on the right of workers to stop a union from representing them.

Freelancers are also imperiled by the PRO Act due to its enactment of the “ABC” Test, which pressures freelancers into either working full-time or losing their jobs under the guise of "protecting workers." A similar act that went into effect last year in California cost many freelancers their jobs after the state legislature put a cap on how many pieces freelance writers could submit to companies without working full-time.

Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-NC) denounced the PRO Act for protecting unions that support leftist groups.

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“The only thing the PRO Act does is protect the $1.6 billion that unions donate to support left wing organizations,” she said. “And it supports the union bosses that profit off of hardworking union workers.”

In contrast, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D- MD) thinks that the workers will benefit from the PRO Act, saying, “The PRO Act is workers’ rights legislation that working people in our country have waited too long for."

President Joe Biden has already said he supports the PRO Act and would gladly sign it into law.

“I urge Congress to send the PRO Act to my desk so we can seize the opportunity to build a future that reflects working people’s courage and ambition, and offers not only good jobs with a real choice to join a union — but the dignity, equity, shared prosperity and common purpose the hardworking people who built this country and make it run deserve,” Biden stated.

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