'Hot War': Rep. Thomas Massie Has a Theory About the FBI Seizing Scott Perry's Phone

Patrick Taylor | August 12, 2022
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Just when you thought the Justice Department’s vendetta against conservatives reached a boiling point as the FBI raided former President Donald Trump’s home this past Monday, things somehow got even worse the following day.

Undeterred by widespread backlash, the FBI seized a cell phone belonging to Freedom Caucus chairman Rep. Scott Perry (R-Penn.) on Tuesday "under the direction of [U.S. Attorney General] Merrick Garland’s DOJ.” Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.), one of the House’s most vocal advocates for freedom, took to Twitter Wednesday to air his view on the FBI’s escalation.

“Once you realize this is a hot war between the embedded elements of big government and conservatives who threaten their existence, you can understand the tactical and psychological significance of the FBI notoriously seizing the House Freedom Caucus chairman’s cell phone,” Massie explained.

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“I’m not in the Freedom Caucus,” he added, “but I’d say: every meeting of that group, all of the internal dynamics, every source of information, every conversation with GOP leadership, all major donors, recruitment efforts, [and] unofficial whistle blowers can all be gleaned from that one phone.”

In other words, Massie has suggested that the bureau may be looking to target potential legislative threats, as congressional Republicans prepare to investigate the DOJ if they regain a House majority in November.

This is not normal and demonstrates just how badly the FBI needs accountability.

For Perry's thoughts on his situation with the FBI, watch below:


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