Hood College Threatens Campus Republicans Over a Conservative Display

Brittany M. Hughes | April 25, 2017
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(Photo courtesy of Facebook/Hood College Republicans)

The president of the uber-liberal Hood College in Frederick, Maryland is now threatening to impose sanctions on the school’s College Republicans for posting a mean flier on a bulletin board.

According to this, the Hood College Republicans had posted a red, white and blue display on the wall in one of the school’s common areas, which included statements on traditionally conservative positions that some students – and, apparently, the school’s president – found offensive. In between quotes from prominent conservative leaders and photos of Ronald Reagan, one such statement allegedly claimed that “Transgender people are unfortunately suffering from a significant mental illness.”

In a lengthy description on their Facebook page, the College Republicans stated that “The intent of this display was to help encourage constructive political discourse on campus.”

“We have been fortunate enough to have many great conversations with people of different backgrounds and ideologies the past couple days. Conversations with people who may have never voiced their political opinions on campus before,” the group stated. “This unprecedented level of discourse wouldn’t have occurred without the presence of the display, which we still believe holds value.”

After the school’s administration confronted them about their display and asked them to take it down, the group declined, stating “It is the collective stand of the Hood College Republicans to oppose any advances made at censoring the display,” saying they will “fight for freedom of speech and diversity of thought on campus.”

Like a scene lifted straight out of an Orwellian novel, Dr. Andrea Chapdelaine has now stated she’s considering sanctions against the group after they refused to take the poster down voluntarily.

In a statement sent out to students and fellow community members, Chapdelaine claimed, “Our first step was to give the college Republicans time to reflect on the effect their messages had on our community and offered them the opportunity to remove the offending messages. The students remained firm that their display should remain unchanged. Therefore, I have requested that we follow college procedures to determine if these messages have violated policy, with appropriate sanctions to follow should such a determination be made."

Chapdelaine’s message is now hanging right next to the College Republicans’ posted.

Since their display was posted, Hood College Republicans have reported that one of their window displays has already been vandalized at least once – presumably by the ever-tolerant Left.