Honest Abe Canceled? Cornell Univ. Removes Gettysburg Address, Lincoln Bust Due to Alleged Complaint

Patrick Taylor | June 30, 2022
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The never-ending list of enemies on woke college campuses keeps expanding with a rather surprising addition apparently joining the group this summer – Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States.

Cornell University, hailed by many as one of the American university system’s crown jewels, removed a bust from Kroch Library depicting the Civil War-era leader, alongside an original copy of the Gettysburg Address.

Per the College Fix, biology professor Randy Wayne, a frequent visitor to the library, had inquired about the display’s removal to the library staff in recent weeks. They only told him that the Lincoln exhibition had been removed due to a complaint, but gave no further details. He later sent an email to the university’s president asking for information on the decision, but received no response.

The bust and accompanying speech appeared to have first been displayed in 2013 and have remained a prominent feature of the library since. 

Contradicting the alleged response from the library staff, Cornell Director of Media Relations Rebecca Valli suggested that the removal of the exhibition had been part of a preconceived plan.

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"President Lincoln’s bust was part of a temporary exhibit on the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address. The bust was on display in the Rare and Manuscript Collections from 2013 to 2021,” she said.

One would imagine that if the display were simply scheduled to be removed, the library would have something prepared to replace it. However, according to the College Fix, the display remains conspicuously bare as of Tuesday.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time that woke activists have targeted “Honest Abe.” A statue depicting Lincoln freeing a slave on bended knees was taken down in Boston in December 2020 after more than 12,000 people signed a petition demanding its removal.

Seemingly, these activists won’t be satisfied until American history has been scrubbed of anything and everything they deem “problematic,” leaving only a motley crew of “diverse” progressive heroes in its place.


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