Homeowners Use Guns For Defense: 5 ‘Suspects’ Shot Over 5 Days

Eric Scheiner | January 6, 2023
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It’s a New Year and some homeowners have already found themselves in the position of defending their lives and property.

WSAW reports an armed 79-year-old homeowner fatally shot an alleged home intruder who had followed him home on Tuesday in Elderon, Wisconsin.

The sheriff’s office said the homeowner was followed as he was coming home from a local business. When he exited his vehicle in the garage, he was stabbed in the face by the intruder. The victim then fired a shot into the intruder’s chest.

WFTV reports that Lake County deputies said a man is dead after he was shot while breaking into a home in Lady Lake, Florida on Monday.

KSDK reports St. Louis County police in Missouri found 43-year old Frank Campbell dead at the scene and armed with a handgun. Investigators claim he had unlawfully entered a home and was shot by the homeowner in self-defense after an altercation on Monday.

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KWTX reports that William Strauser, of Valley Mills, Texas was booked on charges of attempted burglary of a habitation, criminal mischief, and criminal trespass after Strauser was shot by a local homeowner and held at gunpoint until authorities arrived on Tuesday.

WPLG reports a homeowner in the Kendall area of southwest Miami-Dade Florida shot and killed a burglar Friday morning, according to police.

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