Homeowner Shoots Man Trying To ‘Kid’- Nap Goat In Dune Buggy

Eric Scheiner | December 14, 2022
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This may be one of my favorite headlines regarding a homeowner using his Second Amendment rights to protect his property.

According to KGTV, a man was shot after allegedly trespassing onto private property in an attempt to steal a goat and a dune buggy earlier this month.

According to the San Diego County Sheriff's Department, 36-year-old Alexander Belinsky is charged with robbery, elder abuse, attempted vehicle theft, residential burglary, animal cruelty, and battery.

A 79-year-old California man and his 60-year-old wife heard their goats and dogs making noises. They saw a man attempting to steal one of their goats, confronted him, and were shoved to the ground.

The elderly man decided it was time to get his gun to protect his wife and property. After he grabbed a rifle from his home, he went back outside and saw Belinsky trying to steal a dune buggy from the property with a goat in the passenger seat.

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The dune buggy didn’t start and Belinsky hopped out and charged the homeowner, who shot Belinsky.

He was placed under arrest once deputies arrived at the scene. He was taken to a hospital and is expected to survive his injury. The husband only suffered cuts on his hands and the wife did not have any injuries. 

It seems the goat didn’t suffer any injuries during the incident either.

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