Homeless Veterans Kicked Out of Hotel To Make Room For Illegal Aliens

Brittany M. Hughes | May 15, 2023
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Update: The Yerik Israel Toney Foundation has walked back their claims that more than a dozen homeless veterans were kicked out of update New York hotel to make room for migrants after an investigation by a local news outlet found evidence that the story was a hoax. Several homeless men have come forward claiming they were paid $200 and given food and alcohol to pose as homeless veterans who'd been asked to leave the hotel. Meanwhile, State Assemblyman Brian Maher, a Republican who'd introduced legislation to bar hotels from displacing veterans to make space for illegal aliens following the report, called the apparent fabrication an "absolute embarrassment on all fronts."

Original Story: As if Biden’s border crisis couldn’t get any more infuriating, nearly two-dozen homeless veterans were reportedly booted from the New York hotels where they were staying in order to make room for illegal aliens.

That news comes courtesy of the top official of the nonprofit Yerik Israel Toney Foundation, who told the New York Post that 20 veterans who were staying in several upstate hotels that their stays had unexpectedly been cut short, right at the same time the state got a new influx of migrants. Fifteen veterans had been staying at a hotel in Newburgh, about 60 miles north of NYC, while the other five were being housed between two hotels in Middletown.

But apparently, hopping the river and claiming asylum gives you a leg-up on people who've fought and sacrificed for the country whose laws you're violating.

“Our veterans have been placed in another hotel due to what’s going on with the immigrants,” YITF CEO Sharon Toney-Finch, whose group helps house homeless and poor veterans.

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And, like human trafficking at the border, it seems like housing illegals is a pretty lucrative business. Toney-Finch said hotels are incentivized to kick out charity cases to take in homeless illegal aliens because the state is reimbursing them – often at above-market price – to house migrants.

Orange County Executive Steven Neuhaus said on Fox News’ "Varney & Co." Monday that he’s filed a lawsuit to keep New York City from bussing illegal aliens to hotels in neighboring towns.

"It is a tough situation, and unfortunately, we're seeing people like our veterans kicked out of the hotels in exchange for homeless migrants in New York City,” Neuhaus said.

"We're waiting, hopefully, today to get a temporary restraining order from the Supreme Court. We're in front of a judge right now, we're waiting for her to make a decision which would help us, but we are really on our own,” he added.
Neuhaus added that one of the biggest concerns facing his constituents is that the city isn’t sharing any information on the people they’re funneling into his town.

"We have no information [on] who these people are. Do they have IDs? Have they been vetted? My community is up in arms about this," Neuhaus said. "And really, we're getting zero answers from New York City. They give us no information. And [from] the emergency management side of the house, it is completely disturbing and it's very frustrating.”

Thankfully, all 20 veterans with the YITF have been moved to another hotel in Hudson Valley.

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