Homeless Good Samaritan Killed Trying to Stop Shoplifter

Nick Kangadis | September 18, 2017

Some people are savages. Some people are just trying to do the right thing. This is an example of what can happen when those two types of people collide.

A woman entered a convenience store in Las Vegas on Saturday with the sole motivation of stealing food. The woman entered, stole about $15 worth of food, left the store, and then killed a man trying to stop her from getting away.

“She came in and stole food," store owner Gurpreet Singh said. "Hot food, sodas, chips, simple stuff like that.”

As the woman scurried back and got into her Jeep Grand Cherokee, a man ran in front of the car attempting to stop the woman, who had another person in the passenger seat.

The woman didn’t care.

Without hesitation, the woman ran over the man in cold blood, who according to Singh was a homeless man, resulting in his death hours later. The suspect drove off without any remorse.

“He always did good things around here,” Singh told Fox 5 Las Vegas. “Like, if he saw trash outside the property, nobody had to ask him anything. He would just go up and pick up trash and take it to the trash bin. He was a very nice guy, very helpful."

However, in this situation, being “very helpful” got this Good Samaritan killed when he was just trying to do what was right.

The North Las Vegas Police Department sent out a tweet with the woman’s picture and description of both her and her vehicle:


For video of this story, watch below:

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