Hollywood Lefties Celebrate FBI’s Raid At Mar-a-Lago

Michael Ippolito | August 9, 2022
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It didn’t take 24 hours before the Hollywood lefties openly celebrated the FBI raid on Trump’s Mara-Lago resort. Here are some of the worst celebrities cheering a political attack on a former president.

Former canceled comedian Kathy Griffin celebrated the FBI Raid and said conservative commentator Glen Beck needed to get help. Isn’t this the person who pretended to decapitate Trump as a joke? 

Actor and guitarist Stevie Van Zandt supports the crazy idea that DeSantis cooperated with the FBI for this raid. Just when I thought the takes couldn’t get worse, they prove me wrong! 

“Conservative” Ana Navarro-Cardenas went to Twitter to portray Trump as an insane insurrectionist and criminal. 

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Comedian and director Michael Rapaport tweeted a weird video of himself cheerfully laughing to Dan Bongino’s reaction to the raid. Are you sure the conservatives are the crazy ones?

Finally, comedian Billy Eichner posted a video of himself feeling awesome after the FBI raid. I wonder where the joke is in this tweet.

There’s no surprise that the lunatics in Hollywood are cheering this event. They’ll cheer all attacks on Trump, even at the expense of justice and the constitution.