Hollywood Hates Conservatives -- Carano Vs. Sarandon Edition

John Simmons | October 26, 2022
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In 2021, Disney canceled and fired “The Mandalorian” star Gina Carano for posting controversial political opinions on social media. Now, all eyes are on the entertainment giant to see what they will do in response to another big-name actress who did the same thing.

Susan Sarandon, who has been in several Disney movies, posted a tweet with a picture explaining how the Nazis were able to take over Germany slowly but surely. Sarandon’s underlying message was that if conservatives took control of Congress, we would see many of the things that happened in the 1930s happen in our borders.

While Sarandon’s logic is false (since progressives are the ones that have done more things that resemble a dictatorial takeover -- and anyone who thinks conservatives control the media is delusional), Disney and the entertainment world have not come for her throat. 

Why, you may ask? Because she is an ardent progressive, and that means she gets special treatment in Hollywood.

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When Outkick asked for a comment from Disney about if it planned to distance itself from Sarandon, it declined to respond. And that silence is all you need to know.

Furthermore, the likelihood that Sarandon get a free pass can be told form how Disney treated Carano’s co-star on the show, Pablo Pascal. In 2018, Pascal also compared the U.S. to Nazi Germany by using a picture of immigrants in holding cells. Nevertheless, Pascal retained his role as the main character of the popular Star Wars show.

So the rules are thus: If you are a conservative Disney wants to rid itself of, it will find any excuse to do so. But if you are a progressive, feel free to say whatever you want, since Disney will always protect its faithful followers.

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