Hirono: Trump is 'King,' McConnell 'Holds the Crown' & GOP Hold 'the Train'

Nick Kangadis | January 31, 2020
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The left has become so insolent that they will literally say anything to virtue signal themselves into fooling people that they care about the Constitution. Although, to be fair, the left has had no problem in the last few years calling people that disagree with their narratives Nazis, racists, sexists, homophobes, Islamophobes, transphobes and rapists. Their depravity knows no bounds, as long as it makes them look good to the parrots that hang on and repeat their every word.

Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) spoke to the press on Friday and repeated her own talking point about President Donald Trump and the impeachment trial that people noted on Thursday.

“I think it's really a sad day when you can only find three courageous Republicans to say that what--what is happening is wrong and that you can't have a president running around thinking he's--he is the king,” Hirono said Thursday. “And this is why I say we are witnessing in the last several days the coronation of President Trump as king. And he loves it.”

Now, here’s Hirono’s remarks from Friday.

“As I said yesterday, we are witnessing the coronation of Trump as king,” Hirono said…again, “with [Republican Sen.] Mitch McConnell holding the crown and the Republicans holding the train.”

Here’s the full clip of Hirono’s comments:


Good Lord! That level of melodrama and cheese is typically reserved for daytime soap operas. It’s as if people like Hirono get some kind of weird satisfaction from creating stories out of thin air.

Sure, and I’m the greatest writer in the world. And my senior editor holds my pen as I take notes, while my video editor asks if I would like extra bubbles in my sparkling water.

Give us a break, and save the drama for your momma. And they wonder why only 24 percent of people think Congress is doing a good job.