Hillsong Pastor: Justin Bieber’s Relationship with Jesus Christ is 'Changing His Life Daily’

Mark Judge | July 6, 2017
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Appearing July 5 on the Australian show “Sunrise,” Hillsong NYC pastor Carl Lentz called Justin Bieber a "good Christian" and said the singer’s relationship with Jesus Christ is "changing his life daily."

"I think that Justin is a good Christian. I don't think his problems are behind him, but we all have to deal with other stuff to come," the pastor, 38, told Sunrise. ”His relationship with Jesus is changing his life daily. It is one of those things where you never really get it, it takes a while to keep growing as a person. Every day he is getting older, and with each chapter comes new growth.”

Lentz, known as a "celebrity pastor" for Hillsong, is credited with bringing pop superstar Bieber back to his faith and baptizing him.

Bieber was attending Sydney's recent four-day Hillsong Closer Conference. Lentz said that Beiber "just listens" at the event: "He sings, does what everybody else does. He does not perform. He is not on stage, he is just a face in the crowd. His face is really recognizable but for him, it is just a chance for him to be as normal as he can.”

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