Hillary Spokesman Plays Dumb on Deleted Emails: "I Don’t Know What 'Wiped' Means"

Monica Sanchez | September 4, 2015
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Image via Twitter

In an interview on CNN Thursday, Hillary Clinton spokesman Brian Fallon seemed deliberately obtuse when asked about his boss’ wiped server.

The conversation went as follows:

“So the Justice Department, in addition to having the electronic form of the PDFs provided to the State Department, also now have the server," said Fallon. "I don’t know what the FBI is going to do with it but they may seek – ”

“[They have] the wiped server. The wiped server, right, Brian?” CNN’s Brianna Keiler asked.

I don’t know what 'wiped' means,” Fallon replied. 

"The e-mails have been deleted off the server!" said Keiler.

"The e-mails were deleted," Fallon stated.

“You said [Clinton’s attorney] David Kendall had the electronic copy of the e-mails," Keiler continued. "Those were PDF copies... These were not the actual e-mails that had the metadata. These were not the e-mails as you would see them on a server if they hadn’t been – do you see what I’m saying?”

Right, but I’m not sure what point you’re making,” Fallon responded. “They’re PDFs.

That's exactly her point. 

The Justice Department now has a wiped server and a thumbdrive with PDFs as opposed to actual e-mails with their original metadata.

To watch the exchange, check out the short video clip below.