Hillary Literally Blames Election Loss on Everything and Everyone But Herself

Nick Kangadis | June 1, 2017
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Poor Hillary Clinton. She's been lying for so long that she truly believes her own B.S.

The former two-time failed presidential candidate joined the website Recode to do an interview for their 2017 Code Conference on Wednesday, and Clinton didn't hold back from speaking out about the "real" reasons she lost the election.

To no one's surprise, Clinton blamed absolutely everything and everyone except herself for her embarrassing loss to Donald Trump last November.

Let's take a look at who or what she blamed, shall we?

First, Clinton blamed technology. She openly agreed with interviewer Walt Mossberg that "this was the first election where tech sort of got weaponized in a way that directly affected the outcome of the election."

I smell a Russian accusation coming on…and here it is:

The overriding issue that affected the election that I had any control over — because I had no control over the Russians, too bad about that, but we’ll talk about it, I hope — was the way that the use of my email account was turned into the biggest scandal since lord knows when.

That was a "two-pher!" Clinton, without provocation, blamed the Russians and then brought up the email scandal as if it were some overblown figment of everyone’s imagination.

Mossberg, and fellow interviewer Kate Swisher, asked her on more than one occasion if Clinton had misjudged any aspect of her campaign. All Clinton could do was deflect and blame everyone but herself.

Then Clinton blamed the raised issue of her taking huge money from corporations for speaking appearances on a "vast right-wing conspiracy."

Clinton even spoke about the amount of years she had been trying to expose this "conspiracy." She claimed that she had been talking about since 1998.

She was asked what people thought about her at the time for her assertion that there was any such conspiracy. Her response, which drew laughter, was, "A little crazy."

Come on, Hillary. People have believed you’re crazy well before 1998.

We could go on and on about all of the entities that Clinton blamed for her loss, but here’s a quick list of them, according to the Daily Caller:

The DNC, Russians, American intelligence, fake news, WikiLeaks, Infowars, Facebook, Twitter bots, The New York Times, Steve Bannon, the media, misogyny, James Comey, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, Nate Silver, voter suppression, racism, and Google.

The media? Really? I mean, come on. Really?

There have been YouTube compilations made about how shocked and dismayed the media were when Clinton lost. She cannot possibly believe that the media wasn’t in the bag for her — as well as the DNC. We’re looking at you, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.

Also, Clinton can claim that misogyny played a role in her election loss, but at the end of the day she didn’t lose because she was a woman. Clinton lost, in part, because she underestimated the portions of the country that she ignored during her campaign.

At one during the interview, Clinton said this about misogyny:

Well, let me say this. You know, I have been on many speaking platforms with many men who are in office or running for office. And the crowd gets you going and you get up there and I watch my male counterparts and they beat the podium and they yell and the crowd loves it.

And a few times I’ve tried then and it’s been less than successful, let me just say that [laughter]. And it’s a little maddening because I’m as angry about what’s going on as anybody because I’ve seen us go backwards as I said in the very beginning about so many things. Economic opportunity, advancements in human rights, civil rights, and the rest.

Hold on. I need to go vomit.

She said, “…and the rest.”

I can only laugh at this, because if Clinton were so concerned about the things she believes the U.S. has gone backwards on, then she would have completely listed those things instead of flippantly saying, “…and the rest.”

If one is dedicated to the issues they say they care about, then wouldn’t it behoove them to be more detailed in their assertion rather than use a non sequitur like “…and the rest?”

It makes Clinton’s argument fall flat and further proves why she lost the election. All she needs to do to know the true answer is to look in the mirror.

For video of the interview, if you actually have the patience to sit through it, watch below:



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