Hillary Clinton: The "Rich Not Paying Their Fair Share" of Taxes

Joe Schoffstall | May 28, 2010
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According to Hillary Clinton, the rich are not paying their fair share of taxes. Nothing new coming from a far-left Democrat looking to fund the massive expansion of government. She is incorrect about two things regarding this statement; number 1, Coming from her mouth, it shouldn't be 'their' but 'our' fair share of taxes. Number 2, the 'rich' or top 5 percent alone, for example, pay almost half of all income taxes. And that is only looking at income taxes. I'd say that's quite a bit more than a fair share.

Here is an easy-to-read graph that breaks who pays what in taxes:

But yeah, they don't pay their fair share of taxes... For a great article on the issue, check out this piece by The Journal of the American Enterprise Institute.