Hillary Clinton Hates Americans For Her Loss, And She Won't Shut Up About It

Nick Kangadis | March 23, 2018
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Join MRCTV's Nick Kangadis as he examines failed Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton's world tour of explaining why she wasn't elected to highest office in the U.S. Clinton "womansplained" her way through interviews in Mumbai, India and the Netherlands in recent weeks, claiming that "married white women" vote the way men - in particular their husbands - wanted them to vote.

Clinton blames everyone but herself on a near constant basis, and she took her time in the Netherlands to accuse President Trump of the very things she's been - in some cases - rightfully accused of herself.

It's fair to say that Hillary Clinton has just become kind of sad. She goes to other countries to bash the U.S., because Americans are just tired of listening to her.

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