Hillary Clinton Goes on Full Trump Tilt in Interview with Charlie Rose

Nick Kangadis | September 27, 2017
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While the media constantly dissects every little thing President Trump says, does, or tweets, they not only continually interview failed Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, but give her a free pass on all the divisive things that come out of her mouth.

Clinton joined Charlie Rose on “Charlie Rose Tonight” on Monday to -- shocker -- once again slam everything about Trump's presidency.

“We had a candidate [Trump] surround by people who were saying vile things about women, me in particular,” Clinton said in her own self-serving way. “We had a convention [Republican National Convention] filled with such kinds of comments. He [Trump] kind of threw up the odds that it was okay to do and say these things.”

Rose then unbiasedly asked Clinton if she thought that Trump “gave cover to white supremacists” when it pertained to the event in Charlottesville, Va. last month.

“Of course I believe that,” Clinton emphatically stated. “Absolutely, Charlie. Look, he goes after black athletes that are standing up for what they believe by their protests…He doesn’t do that to white supremacists, neo-Nazis, Klan members or Vladimir Putin.”

When Rose commented to Clinton that former Trump administration chief strategist Steve Bannon told him in an interview that they don’t want the support of any white supremacists and their like, Clinton put on her smuggest face and responded to Rose with a clear animus toward anything or anyone Trump-related.

“He’s so full of it,” Clinton responded.

Clinton also had a lot more “complimentary” things to say about Trump, especially when it came to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Rose asked Clinton what, if any, differences there are between the two leaders. In typical Clinton fashion, she responded in a way that doesn’t do anything for anyone except further divide people.

“Well, hopefully he [Trump] hasn’t ordered the killing of people and journalists and the like,” Clinton said.

This type of sensationalism is exactly what Clinton has done her entire political career — drive an ideological wedge between Americans at a time when the country is already deeply divided.

For the multiple clips of Clinton's interview with Rose, click here.

For video of Clinton's comments comparing Trump to Putin, watch below:

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