Hillary Clinton Attacks Gen. Flynn on Twitter Over Resignation and Fake News

Tim Dionisopoulos | February 14, 2017
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Former Secretary of State and 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton dove into the controversy surrounding the resignation of Gen. Mike Flynn early this morning, with a tweet claiming it was related to "fake news."

The incident started with Democratic political consultant and Clinton ally Philippe Reines, who tweeted out a message mocking the Flynn family.

Reines pizza-themed tweet is a reference to the PizzaGate conspiracy, which General Flynn's son was fired from the Trump transition team for openly speculating about.

That's when Clinton jumped in to retweet Reines at 12:41 a.m. Tuesday morning, while adding in her own commentary.

Clinton came under fire frequently throughout the campaign over her own email scandal and the Clinton Foundation, so it's interesting she would weigh in on a topic of this nature.

While it's not clear that fake news had anything to do with Flynn's resignation, we can only infer Clinton seems to think it's some kind of karmic justice against the Flynn family.

So in case you were wondering if Clinton is still bitter about the 2016 election loss, this might answer your question.


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