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HILARIOUS: Warren Says She Took a DNA Test To 'Rebuild Confidence' In Politicians


Sen. Elizabeth Warren – a.k.a., the woman who claimed for years that she's second generation Native American and then proved she totally isn’t – is now explaining her decision to release her genetic test results, which she still somehow thinks vindicate her claims.

Except that those results ultimately proved Warren may be a whopping 1/1024th Native American. Or Mexican or South American. No one’s really sure. Either way, the truth is far from her story of being directly descendend from a Native American mother, as she'd repeatedly claimed before.

The Democratic Massachusetts senator now says she chose to take the test and publicize the embarrassing results because Americans’ trust in politicians is at “an all-time low.” Here’s the excuse she gave a moderator during her second debate against her challenger, Republican state Rep. Geoff Diehl, late last week, as reported by NBC:

Ultimately, she said, she took a DNA test because she believes one way to rebuild trust in government is by posting her full family history online "so anybody can take a look. ... I believe one way that we try to rebuild confidence is through transparency."

Because nothing proves you’re trustworthy like claiming your mom was a Native American, claiming a Native American ethnicity on your Harvard application, then taking a test that proves you’re less Native American than the average white person in the U.S.

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