Hilarious! New Video Spoofs Why You Should Never Bet Against Trans Athletes

Nick Kangadis | July 26, 2019
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Late night talk show hosts could take a few lessons in what comedy that people who aren’t told laugh actually laugh at from YouTubers. Leftists hosts and a growing number of “comedians” have focused so much on talking smack about President Donald Trump that their “comedy” has become tired and repetitive. They don’t make jokes about certain topics anymore for fear of losing sponsors and ad money.

Well, people who aren’t prisoners to PC-culture have taken up the mantle of comedy and seem to have no problem poking fun at subjects of ridiculous stories, like when trans people take advantage of women in sports.

You all probably remember the 2018 story of Texas female Mack Briggs who was taking testosterone, aka steroids, in order to transition to being a male and subsequently beat up the other girls, who are prohibited from taking testosterone, in the state wrestling championship.

It was a completely unfair advantage because, as most people already understand, steroids are performance enhancing drugs. However, to be fair, Briggs did ask to compete against boys but was told no by the University Interscholastic League (UIL). Briggs was reportedly "disgusted" by the decision, but still chose to compete against the girls.

The people at We the Internet TV (WTI) posted a new video on Thursday titled, “Never bet against trans athletes.”

The video, which runs about four minutes, features a comedy monologue performed by Harry Terjanian where he portrays a degenerate gambler who talks about gambling $12,000 on a girl named Chelsea in the “pure” sport of girls high school wrestling.

After watching Briggs mow through the competition like “Patrick Swayze in ‘Roadhouse,’” Harry the gambler tries to get Chelsea to take steroids so she’ll have a chance against the juiced up Briggs.

“G** d*** it, Chelsea!” Harry the gambler said at one point in the video. “The only way to be a top women’s athlete nowadays is by being a man!”

Watch the video below:


It’s absolutely hilarious, but the sad part is that the situation is that the story Terjanian is spoofing true — well,  except for the gambling and telling a young girl to take steroids.

It begs the question, why is it that “trans athletes” never choose to compete against the boys or men, no matter if they’re transitioning to being a man or woman? Simple. Because, they - or sports governing bodies like ULI - typically show their own sexism by intimating that women are easier to compete against than men.

H/T: Louder with Crowder

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