High School Students Face Misdemeanor Charges for Waving Confederate Flag

ashley.rae | March 17, 2016
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Three high school students are facing criminal misdemeanor charges for displaying a Confederate flag on public school property.

WWAY reports three students at West Brunswick High School in Shallotte, N.C. are facing disorderly conduct charges after bringing a Confederate flag to school and allegedly taking photos with it.

According to the summonses obtained by WECT, one of the students is accused of “hanging a Confederate flag in the school’s cafeteria and courtyard and taking photographs of students with the flag” while another was allegedly “waving a Confederate flag in the school’s cafeteria and courtyard.”

A third student is facing a disorderly conduct charge for “standing on top of a cafeteria table during lunch hour and chanting.”

Two other students who were involved in the apparent “incident” were not charged because they are juveniles.

The criminal misdemeanor charges come after school officials vowed to punish the five students for their “disruption.”

In a statement on the incident, West Brunswick High School Principal Brock Ahrens wrote, “With your help, our school has worked very hard to build a culture of unity, tolerance, and civility. We must continue to work together.”

“This incident should bring our communities together...not to perpetuate a problem but to engage in civil conversations about solutions to the larger societal issues our children are grappling with,” Ahrens continued.

In his statement, Ahrens notes, “These issues simply cannot be resolved through our public schools.”

These issues, however, can apparently be “resolved” through misdemeanor charges for students who had the audacity to display a Confederate flag on public school property. 

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