Hey West Virginians, Bette Midler Says You're All ‘Poor, Illiterate, Strung Out’

Gabriel Hays | December 21, 2021
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Bette Midler has a history of mean-spirited and obnoxious tweets, even by the standards of Hollywood progressives. But Midler has outdone herself. 

After West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin refused to vote for Democrats’ and President Biden’s massive government spending package – dubbed the “Build Back Better Bill” – which costs around $1.75 trillion dollars and features various radical leftwing policy proposals and purchases, including a child tax credit that Manchin has claimed he does not like.

Manchin’s refusal of support essentially killed the bill and along with it, the Democrat’s political Christmas ambitions. Manchin who has already been a thorn in the side of leftist politicians and the media really disturbed the beehive with this decision and among the angriest bees was Hollywood wench Bette Midler.

After Manchin sunk the bill, the broadway actress and Hocus Pocus star cracked her knuckles and typed a furious and demeaning message to the senator and his constituents in West Virginia. 

The message revealed exactly what Hollywood elitists think of middle America and was very much in line with the stereotype. Midler loathes middle Americans and by loathe we mean gleefully thinks about them as illiterate morons who can’t help but be “strung out” on opioids in their free time. 

She began by tweeting, “What #JoeManchin, who represents a population smaller than Brooklyn, has done to the rest of America, who wants to move forward, not backward, like his state, is horrible.” Yep, a nearly $2 trillion spending package filled with Democrat regulations and policies is the only way forward. How could Manchin not see the light!

But the real nasty part followed. “He sold us out.  He wants us all to be just like his state, West Virginia. Poor, illiterate and strung out.” Oh wow, that’s real nice, Bette.

And here we thought lefties only had compassion for the poor, not condescension and bitterness.That’s what they’re always insisting. In reality, it seems they have plenty of contempt for the less fortunate among us. 

The tweet did not go over well, especially with conservatives. One influencer, Catturd, responded to Midler’s tweet, saying, “This is one of the most horrible tweets in history - pure evil.” He might be right. 

Conservative comedy duo, The HodgeTwins tweeted, “You suck as a person.” And while we can’t condone that, it’s hard not to agree.

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Again Midler is well-versed in these disturbing, belittling tweets. A couple of years ago, the actress made headlines for her tweet which assumed that African Americans attending a Trump rally were paid to be there. 

In 2019 she tweeted, “Look, there are African American men in this shot! How much did he pay them to be ‘blackground’?” Wow, that’s another winner. 

Though, Midler isn’t completely braindead. She at least recognized she went wrong with the Manchin tweet, later tweeting, “I apologize to the good people of WVA for my last outburst.  I’m just seeing red; #JoeManchin and his whole family are a criminal enterprise.” Oh well, some of that is nice, we guess. 

She added, “Is he really the best WV has to offer its own citizens? Surely there’s someone there who has the state’s interests at heart, not his own!” Yeah, well there are people who have the state’s interests at heart, and none of them are Bette Midler.