Here Are Teen Vogue’s Worst Pieces to Celebrate the End of Its Print Publication

ashley.rae | November 2, 2017
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Teen Vogue, the publication that went from providing young girls with hairstyle tips and celebrity gossip to being known for railing against President Trump and “white supremacy,” will be reportedly shutting down its print publication. To mourn over the loss of yet another Conde Nast publication, here is a list of some of their best recent pieces:

  1.  “Donald Trump is Gaslighting America”: This is the piece that thrust #resistance writer Lauren Duca into the national spotlight and gave Teen Vogue its apparent modern reputation for hard-hitting political journalism. An entire article can be dedicated to Duca’s byline which is filled with goodies such as “How ‘Nice White People’ Benefit from Charlottesville and White Supremacy,” and “Are Any Of Us Still Proud to be American?” Don’t forget: throughout her byline filled with this allegedly hard-hitting journalism (not commentary, of course), she also made sure to feature stories about celebrity gossip and, particularly, Selena Gomez.
  2. We Need to Talk About Digital Blackface in Reaction GIFs”: This piece by Lauren Michele Jackson claims that using digital reaction images, or emojis, of someone who has darker skin than your own skin color is a form of “blackface,” akin to a minstrel show. It doesn’t matter if you are reacting to something online with a famous clip from a famous movie, if you’re using a celebrity who is black to express your emotions, you’re a racist.
  3. Trump Bullies and Disrespects Black Women”: This Jenn M. Jackson piece makes the broad statement that Trump disrespects all black women because of his allegedly poor treatment of Myeshia Johnson. Trump’s account of the conversation with Johnson differs from her own account. According to the author, this is indicative of a bigger pattern in Trump’s behavior of him disrespecting black women—as shown by black women not voting for him.
  4. Another Jenn M. Jackson piece to grace this list is titled “Women Have Always Been a Part of White Supremacy.” Unlike the last piece on this list, in which white women perpetuate white supremacy by voting for Trump, this piece claims all women are responsible for white supremacy.  And white women are not just responsible for white supremacy because some opposed integration, they’re responsible for white supremacy now because—you guessed it—they voted for Trump.
  5. The best/worst Teen Vogue piece is saved for last: the infamous anal sex piece. Sex educator Gigi Engle wrote an entire “Anal Sex: What You Need to Know” guide that originally, didn’t even mention the importance of using condoms and skips over entire parts potential about injury. Considering Teen Vogue is a publication for teens, it’s incredibly inappropriate and irresponsible for them to publish a guide on how to have alternative sex that doesn’t even go over basic safety precautions.

A very current honorable mention for the list includes Teen Vogue’s “How to Be an Ally to Muslims After a Terrorist Attack,” the publication has been placing as a related article at the bottom of its coverage of terrorist attacks.

Teen Vogue’s entire “news and politics” section includes nothing but liberal propaganda that the writers hope will be drilled into the heads of young, unsuspecting teenagers while they’re just trying to read stories about the cutest new dresses for sale. While Teen Vogue isn’t gone for good, it’s a move in the right direction that parents won’t be able to buy issues for their unsuspecting young girls in order to be preached to about the importance of liberal politics and activism. As far as Teen Vogue’s existence on the internet, that’s why the old ‘90s commercials used to instruct children to ask their parents’ permission before logging on.

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