Here Are the Nation's Top 10 Neediest Cities - and They're Almost All Run By Democrats

Brittany M. Hughes | December 28, 2022
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Among the nation’s top 10 “neediest cities,” eight are run by Democrats, who oversee urban hubs plagued by rampant poverty, child hunger, crumbling infrastructure and inadequate housing.

The ranking, reported by The Hill, comes courtesy of WalletHub, which ranked more than 180 U.S. cities based on their high prevalence of specific needs, including factors like hunger and homelessness, poverty rates, and lack of insurance. And based on the study, these are issues that appear to be most prevalent in left-leaning cities that, ironically, boast some of the most expansive welfare programs and social justice efforts in the country.

In fact, the only two cities that ranked in the top 10 for “neediness” that weren’t run by Democrats are Gulfport, Mississippi, led by Republican Mayor Billy Hewes, and Fresno, California, headed up by Republican Mayor Jerry Dyer.

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The rest - which included Detroit, Brownsville (Texas), Cleveland, Laredo, Philadelphia, New Orleans, Los Angeles, and Shreveport (Louisiana), ranked in order - all have left-leaning politicians at the helm.

While there might not be a silver bullet answer to solving poverty, hunger, and need, one thing's pretty obvious - if leftist solutions worked, the cities they run wouldn't be cesspools of crime, homelessness, and despair.