Her for They? Hershey’s International Women’s Day Stunt Includes Fake Woman

Matt Philbin | March 2, 2023
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The new trend in candy advertising is awful. Mars did it with the M&Ms characters: 

Step one: do something woke to troll conservatives (do some vaguely gender weird things to anthropomorphic marketing characters.) 

Step two: pretend to be caught off guard by the divisive controversy and remove the supposedly beloved marketing characters (pointing at conservatives saying, “They’re why we can’t have nice things.”

Step three: Soak up the PR buzz until it dies and then reintroduce the characters.

Hershey’s Canada saw that wants in on the action. For International Women’s Day, which I guess is March 8, the company’s come up with “Her for She,” a social media and PR stunt that will see the company put the faces of four leftie activist women and a severely confused  guy on its candy wrappers. Yep. A  transgender (fake) woman for International Women’s Day.

The whole thing is calculated to pander to the kind of people who unironically say things like “womyn’s studies,” while flipping off the rest of us. Why else feature four woke chicks and a delusional dude? (Not to be confused with Four Fun Chix & The Dude, a 1970s Top-40 cover group popular in the greater Buffalo area. Their version of “Boogie Oogie Oogie” was infectious!)

The women are all activists for Indigenous Climate STEM Menstruation Equity and stuff, while pretend lady drives an LGB train that pulls what looks like several dozen more letters on behind. They’re all super sincere about being sincere and some of them even won awards from UN Commissions for This N’ That.

So that was Hershey Canada's Step One. I’m sure by noticing the stunt, I’m helping them construct Step Two. But it’s worth it just to note that the company so sincerely loves and respects women that fully one fifth of it’s International Women’s Day celebration is a man.

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