Her Emails Were ‘TRIVIAL, Irrelevant’: Former Top Hillary Aide Says Sexism Was the Real Scandal

Monica Sanchez | March 26, 2018
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Hillary Clinton continues to blame sexism among other reasons for her losing the 2016 presidential election to then-Republican nominee Donald Trump. It looks as though her staff still can’t come to terms with the reality of her campaign's mistakes either.

A former top Clinton campaign aide says that any issue as "trivial and irrelevant" as the private email scandal would have derailed Clinton's ambitions for the presidency because ... she's a woman. 

Jennifer Palmieri, the 2016 presidential campaign’s director of communications, wrote in her new memoir, “Dear Madam President: An Open Letter to the Women Who Will Run the World,” that Clinton wanted to address the issue of her private email server but her campaign advised her not to, which Palmieri deemed a "mistake." 

"It was a mistake, although at the time it was hard to accept that telling Hillary to keep bringing up the emails herself could possibly be the right advice… [But] it was what voters needed to hear from Hillary at that moment," she admitted.

Palmieri said that either way, “there was something about Clinton folks just didn’t trust. And that something was an intelligent ambitious woman in a position of power.”

She argued that any other issue, private email server or not, would have been made to "torture" Clinton because, sexism.  

“Madam President, I believe this to my very core: If it weren’t her emails, it would have been something else. Another issue equally trivial and irrelevant for which Hillary would have been tortured. Because underneath all the questions about wiping servers and deleting emails lay the fundamental truth that what all of this was really about was there was something about Hillary Clinton folks just didn’t trust. And that something was an intelligent, capable, ambitious woman in a position of power,” an excerpt obtained by The Washington Post reads.

Palmieri went on to hammer it home how she believes sexism put the campaign in “a box we could never get out of.”

"I think it was the unease people felt about Hillary’s motivation as a woman seeking power that made it impossible for us to very fully put this matter to bed," she wrote.

"I have weathered a lot of political crises, but never encountered one quite like this," Palmieri continued. "It was a box we could never get out of." 

For more, check out the Fox News video below. 

(Cover Photo: Flickr / Gage Skidmore)

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