Helter Stelter! Brian’s ‘Nasty’ Words & The Climate Change Collapse – Wacky MOLE

Eric Scheiner | July 2, 2021
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In this week’s Wacky Moments of Leftist Extremism:



CNN host Brian Stelter began the week with a poisonous rant on how Sean Hannity goes on poisonous rants. In other words, Stelter angrily argued that Hannity is too angry for television. Except according to Fox, Hannity gives opinion, CNN claims Stelter is a “correspondant.”

On Friday’s Morning Joe, former Senator and current MSNBC muppet Claire McCaskill announced to viewers that her family was starting a new tradition: “every Fourth of July going forward,” they’ll get together and watch the New York Times’s compilation of January 6 Capitol Hill footage. What fun!

CNN sank even lower than usual in order push a left-wing political agenda on behalf of the Democratic Party. On Tuesday and Wednesday, that shameless partisan activism included exploiting the deadly building collapse in Surfside, Florida to argue – without a shred of evidence – that climate change somehow caused the horrific tragedy.

To view these media lowlights and much more, watch the video.


For a complete run down of leftist media madness check out NewsBusters.

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