Hell Freezes Over: Lefty Media Accuse Biden of Lying, ‘Badly Mis-Assessing’ Afghanistan Pull-Out

Gabriel Hays | August 20, 2021
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When the mainstream media is basically calling a Democrat president a liar and describing his handling of a foreign policy issue as a “disaster,” you know things are really bad. 

President Joe Biden FINALLY found time out of his busy sleep schedule to give a brief press conference on Friday to Americans concerned about reports that there are thousands of U.S. citizens still stuck in Afghanistan after the Biden administration’s hampered military pullout of the country. 

Throughout this whole debacle, Biden and his team seemed to have had no coherent plan on leaving the nation besides packing up abruptly and leaving billions of dollars in military resources behind, as well as ditching thousands of Americans and our Afghan allies in enemy territory. It’s frankly appalling. And Sleepy Joe’s latest press conference didn’t seem to calm any fears, even among the liberal journalists that usually go to bat so hard for him. 

After Biden’s remarks, ABC News White House Chief Correspondent Jon Karl absolutely blistered the president, accusing the 78-year-old world leader of saying things that aren’t true. Speaking during a segment of ABC News Special Report, Karl stated, “This remains very much a disaster and one of the contributing factors here is when you listen to the President, he is saying things that simply do not comport with the reality.”

Whoa, ABC calling Biden a liar. Has hell frozen over?

No, not necessarily. Things are just that concerning. Karl explained how when Biden assured the press that “every American can get to that airport” in Kabul to leave the country, it “doesn’t comport to the reality that the State Department has been issuing in guidance.” That guidance, given Wednesday, August 18, warns U.S. citizens in Afghanistan that “the United States government cannot ensure safe passage to the Hamid Karzai International Airport.” 

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Karl summed up his point, saying, “So, the State Department is telling Americans that they cannot guarantee their safe passage to the airport. And you heard from the president today that we don't even know how many Americans are in Afghanistan… How can the president say that there isn’t an issue getting Americans safely to the airport?” Yeah, sounds like Joe is trying to take the heat off of himself and his team.

It doesn’t appear Biden will be let off easy. Scott Detrow of NPR hammered the president immediately after he spoke the ill-fated words saying that Americans would get out just fine. Detrow disagreed with Biden to his face, saying, “that doesn't really square with the images we're seeing around the airport with a reporting on ground from our colleagues who are describing chaos and violence.” 

And Bloomberg reporter Justin Sink asked the president during the press conference if he could ever be trusted with handling terrorists in the future considering how he “badly mis-assessed” the Taliban threat to the region. Sink asked, “But if you and your administration so badly mis-assessed how quickly the Taliban would sweep through Afghanistan ... how can you at all be confident of your assessment of the risk of terrorism …?” 

Yeah, sure. Everything’s fine. There are potentially 10,000-plus Americans in Taliban territory and Biden can’t even be honest about that. But, no worries, right? At least there’s no more Trump!

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