'Heartbroken' Nancy Pelosi Signals For Dems to Shut Up As Applause Erupts Following Impeachment Vote


Remember how Nancy Pelosi kept waxing poetic about how sorrowful and solemn and "prayerful" she's been over this whole impeachment nonsense?

Apparently, the truth doesn't matter...but appearances are everything.

Following the vote on Article I to impeach President Donald Trump Wednesday night, the House Speaker had to motion harshly to her caucus as applause began to erupt from House Democrats, clearly concerned that the left's obvious glee over the impeachment vote would be televised, so as to keep up appearances that her party is heartbroken over having to impeach a sitting president (whom they've hated for the past four years).

The House voted 230-197 along party lines to impeach Trump for abuse of power, then voted 229-198 to affirm that the president obstructed Congress. 

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