'Heartbreaking': Video Shows Homeless & Drugged Out Citizens in Philadelphia

Nick Kangadis | May 26, 2023
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This isn’t going to take long, but I wanted to bring to people’s attention what some already know and what others haven’t realized yet — your government, whether it’s federal or local, does NOT care about your well being…unless you came to this country illegally or live in Ukraine.

The following video is of one train station in Philadelphia (Warning: What you’re about to see is absolutely, like the caption says, “heartbreaking”):


Sad. Very sad. And government’s answer would most likely be to give people more drugs instead of attempting to help them turn their lives around.

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What you saw in the video above isn’t just homelessness run rampant, but drugged out Americans that resemble zombies more and more every single day.

That video was only one minute long at one train station in one city in what used to be the greatest country on the planet. Fortunately, our Constitution helps us keep that number one distinction, but it’s people who for decades have attempted to subvert the Constitution and rebuild this country in their own images that have brought us to this precipice.


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