Heartbreaking: 4-Year-Old ‘Comes Out’ as Transgender During Pride Parade

Patrick Taylor | August 12, 2022
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A four-year-old’s “coming out” at a Canadian pride parade has sparked controversy online, and for good reason.

The incident began when a preschool-aged child, who has now reportedly adopted the name “Charlie Danger” Lloyd, marched in a Vancouver pride parade with her grandmother. The transgender flag-draped girl then used a blue gender reveal smoke cannon to apparently reveal her “gender transition,” to the delight of pride parade attendees and family members.

Lloyd’s mother recounted the incident online, explaining, “Once they closed the road, Charlie strutted out with Grammy and they faced the sidelines and after a short struggle, the cannon exploded with blue smoke and biodegradable confetti. Charlie jumped with joy as the crowd cheered him on. He couldn’t believe the love and support he was shown from the bystanders.”

Like many parents of “transgender children,” mother Alaina Bourrel attempted to justify the decision with accounts of her daughter allegedly being uncomfortable in girls’ apparel and wanting to play with boys rather than girls. As a result, her family moved to pressure the preschool that Lloyd attends to begin using “he/him” pronouns to describe the biologically female child.

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The turning point, Bourrel claimed, came when her daughter got her hair cut at “a trans-owned and operated salon in East Vancouver,” an experience which purportedly resulted in Lloyd leaving as “a completely new child.”

“If I subscribed to transgender ideology’s bifurcation of sex and gender — and I do not,” Jonothon Van Maren of LifeSite wrote, “I would still be entirely confident that a preschooler could not understand it.”

The child has attracted her share of online supporters, who have unreservedly leapt to the defense of the preschooler’s alleged “transition.”

The supposedly conservative-leaning New York Post may be counted among these supporters, with the newspaper printing glowing coverage of the incident. The girl was “was assigned female at birth,” the Post lamented, and “captured hearts” with “his” announcement.

The outlet also repeated the mother’s condemnation of the “online haters” and “vicious trolls” who questioned her parenting, without a hint of skepticism.

We truly live in a sick society if we take this mother’s claims at face value and accept that little girls can simply swap genders if they exhibit more boyish tendencies. The consequences for this child will be vast and far-reaching as she continues to make her way in the world. We can only hope for the best.

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