Heading To Florida? LGBTQ Group Issues 'Travel Warning' - Citing 'Safety' Risks To Their 'Freedom'

Brittany M. Hughes | April 13, 2023
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A nonprofit supporting the left radical LGBTQ agenda has issued an official “travel warning" for the entire state of Florida, claiming that gay and transgender people may be in physical danger if they set foot in Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis' backyard.

In what can only be characterized as a hilarious overreaction to some very common sense laws, the group "Equality Florida" put out a heads up on social media for any member of the alphabet mob who may want to move to the Sunshine State to avoid odious regulations or hefty taxes in blue states, which are still hemorrhaging people in droves. But even if you’re merely looking to head to Orlando or the Keys for a week's worth of vacation, be advised that sitting on a white sandy beach soaking up some sunshine may not be safe if you are among the left’s current favorite “marginalized” group.

How, exactly? Well, they can’t say. Except at the GOP is super hateful and bigoted.

"Today, we took the extraordinary step of issuing a travel advisory, warning of the risks posed to the health, safety, and freedom of those considering short or long term travel, or relocation to the state," Equality Florida tweeted, ostensibly from...well, Florida.

"[I]t's with great sadness that we must respond to those asking if it's safe to travel to or remain in FL as laws strip away basic rights & freedoms," the group continued. "We understand everyone must weigh the risks and decide what is best for their safety, but whether you stay away, leave or remain we ask that you join us in countering these relentless attacks."

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These alleged "attacks" on gay and trans folk presumably include recently passed state laws that prohibit teachers from lecturing kindergarteners on sex and gender identity, ban public school libraries from providing porn and sexually explicit materials to children, and mandate that schools can't "affirm" a student's "gender identity" without first notifying their parents. DeSantis is also reported considering a law similar to that in other states that ban minors from being allowed into sexually explicit drag shows.

The bottom line? Don't give porn to kids, teach preschoolers how to crossdress, or strip in front of children. Those who do might be in danger of being told "stop it." 


Thankfully, "Equality Florida" only boasts about 25,000 followers on Twitter. We can only hope that more people still have a shred of sanity.