'He was Evil': 'Suspected' Black Robber Caught on Video Beating Hispanic Woman at Ariz. Cell Phone Store

Nick Kangadis | June 9, 2022
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If the establishment media always wants to make everything about race, then let’s make it about race.

A black man is the prime “suspect” in the beating of a Hispanic, female employee at a Cricket Wireless store in Phoenix, Arizona, which took place last Saturday, June 4.

Video shows a 33-year-old black man entering the establishment and following the employee asking how she could help this “suspected” piece of trash, he proceeded to beat the woman repeatedly by punching and kicking the woman as hard as he could.

(WARNING: The following video is disturbing and will straight up tick you off.)

The “suspect” was found and arrested three days after the incident and booked into the Maricopa County Jail on Wednesday, with charges “including robbery, kidnapping, assault and criminal trespassing,” according to Fox 10 - Phoenix.

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"He was evil," said 22-year-old victim Maria Coronado. "He knew what he was doing. This was premeditated. He came four times the whole day, just seeing if there were customers, if I was alone. On Wednesday, he literally told a manager I’m going to come back and kill you."

These stories shouldn’t be about race. It should be about a bad guy or gal harming a good guy or gal, period. But since the establishment media and politicians like to play this game where they seemingly only identify the race of a suspect when the alleged criminal is white, then their “journalistic integrity” should be upheld and we should identify the race of ALL suspects.


In all honesty, the only times race should be brought up in a crime is if the suspected criminal is on the loose and needs to be identified for capture or when the alleged crime was committed because of the race of the victim.


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