Harvard De-platforms Feminist Opposed to Males In Women’s Sports

Jay Maxson | April 27, 2022
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The list of who’s politically correct enough to speak at Harvard University is certainly shrinking. Dr. Devin Buckley, a board member of the far-Left feminist organization, Women’s Liberation Front (WOLF), doesn’t even qualify to give a guest lecture at the woke Ivy League school. She was de-platformed because she and WOLF believe in the integrity of women’s sports. 

Dr. Buckley (seen in photo) wasn’t even going to speak about transgenders and sports. She was planning to deliver a real intellectual yawner – a talk on British romanticism. No thank you, said Erin Saladin, an English Department coordinator.  

“On a more difficult note (especially for a Friday evening), I just looked up Devin Buckley so I could list the right title/affiliation on the application, and I noticed that she’s on the board of a trans-exclusionary radical feminist organization. I also found at least one piece of her writing online that explicitly denies the possibility of trans identity,” Saladin told National Review by email. “I can’t ask for funding to invite a speaker who takes the public stance that trans people are dangerous or deceptive.” 

Saladin said that if Harvard had allowed Dr. Buckley to speak there, it would signal the school’s colloquium is a hostile place for “community members who are trans.” It would be a very bad look for the English Department, she added.  

Dr. Buckley strongly objected to Harvard’s criticism.: 

“I have never written anything hateful towards any transgender individual. She didn’t quote me once. She (Saladin) only made a number of spurious accusations. ... The panoptic power of Google has revealed me to be a dissident. … This is yet another instance of an elite university punishing (and misrepresenting) someone who questions fashionable far left dogma.” 

National Review’s Caroline Downey wrote that Dr. Buckley had previously defended the immutable, biological differences between males and females. 

“My articles basically claim that a human male cannot become female and saying you’re a woman doesn’t mean you are,” Dr. Buckley said. “I simply say women deserve fair play on sports teams, they deserve to not have men in their private spaces, to not have violent men in their prisons.” 

Like Harvard, academia has ostracized Dr. Buckley, and she believes her desire to be accepted into law school at woke universities will not be possible. 

Buckley said, “I’ve been shunned and ostracized by people at my graduate program. I’ve had people walk down the street refusing to acknowledge that I exist in ritualized shunning and social cancellation. I’ve been called a fascist before.” 

Fascinating, isn’t it? People with their heads screwed on straight, who recognize men can’t become “women” at the snap of a finger, are treated as outcasts. Woke academics eager to avoid cancellation by the LGBT empire, will buy into any nonsense about people changing genders. 

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Leftists refuse to admit the obvious that male hunks like Brazil volleyball player Tiffany Abreu and New Zealand weightlifter Lauren Hubbard are men who are unfairly dominating women’s sports. If William Thomas says he’s now a female named Lia, then we must blindly accept such idiocy. No one is allowed to question the unfairness of such madness, left alone speak on Harvard’s stage, reserved as it is only for academics with warped, woke credentials. 

Dr. Buckley pointed out more shameful hypocrisy at Harvard as well. She isn’t allowed to speak about poetry and philosophy at Harvard, but its libraries and museums house the works of “innumerable sexist, racist, homophobes,” she noted in her response to the school’s cancellation. “Harvard should cleanse them all and leave nothing but the purity of empty space.” 

Speaking about accepted and unaccepted activism, Dr. Buckley remarked, “Harvard has let me know that I cannot be a scholar of British Romanticism because I do not believe there are male women.” 

National Review’s story on the Harvard controversy closed with a memorable quote from Dr. Buckley, who said, “For my part, I’d rather be damned with the Romantics and Plato than go to woke heaven with Erin and the Harvard faculty.”